16 Music Box Kits 16 Sound Box Electronic Production DIY Kits for Arduino Music Production Module DIY


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16 Music Box Kits 16 Sound Box Electronic Production DIY Kits for Arduino Music Production Module DIY


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<table> <tbody>  <tr>   <td colspan="6">       <table>     <tbody>      <tr>                    </tr>      <tr>                    </tr>      <tr>                    </tr>      <tr>                    </tr>     </tbody>    </table>     <table>     <tbody>      <tr>       <td> <br /></td>             </tr>     </tbody>    </table>  </td>  </tr>  <tr>                    </tr>  <tr>                    </tr> </tbody></table> <table> <tbody>  <tr>     </tr>  <tr>                    </tr>  <tr>                    </tr> </tbody></table>    <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB15FEjSFXXXXXwXpXXq6xXFXXX3.jpg" />     1. A suite of profiles:   Suite name: 16 Music Box     Kit Model: BOX-16     Operating voltage :4.5-5V     PCB size: 48mm (length) * 42mm (W)     Control modes: manual coding + external coding      16-tone box under your control, arbitrarily issued 16 kinds of interesting analog sound, both an electronic toy can also be used as a doorbell or alarm.       2. Circuit principle   <p align="justify"> Whole circuit with a 9561 tones of integrated circuits as the core, with four binary code to encode 9561 working condition control, make its produce 16 different analog sound. The whole circuit including noise generation circuit, basic additional control circuit and control circuit, the binary coding circuit and so much. </p>  <p> 1. Sound generating circuit, U2 9561 with transistor Q1 and passive buzzer LS1. </p>  <p> 2. Basic control circuits, with two binary digital control U3 of two selected the four kinds of working condition, make its produce four basic acoustics as required. </p>  <p> 3. The additional control circuit, using the four states of two binary digital resistor R1, R2, R4, R5 produce a combination of four different to change 9561 external vibration resistance value, which changes the oscillation parameters, the change of the oscillation parameters, is not only changed the oscillation frequency, and derive a lot of new sound. </p>  <p> Combine basic control circuit and the additional control circuit, constitute A complete control circuit, is controlled by A B C D four binary encoding, make 9561 produce 16 different sounds. </p>  <p> 4. The binary encoder circuit, the switch S1 - S4, resistance R6 - R9 etc binary encoder. S1, S2, S3, S4, corresponding binary digital A, B, C, D four. Switch to stir to 0, switch to stir to 1. Make up A, B, C, D four binary digital voice through control part 9561. </p>    <p> 3.Circuit principle diagram </p>  <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1Mn.iXsTxK1Rjy0Fgq6yovpXaP.jpg" /> </p>    <p> 4.16 kinds of sound and its code </p>    <table>   <tbody>    <tr>     <td colspan="4"> <p align="center"> Code </p> </td>     <td> <p> Sound Effects </p> </td>     <td colspan="4"> <p> Code </p> </td>     <td> <p> Affect </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> A </p> </td>     <td> <p> B </p> </td>     <td> <p> C </p> </td>     <td> <p> D </p> </td>     <td>  </td>     <td> <p> A </p> </td>     <td> <p> B </p> </td>     <td> <p> C </p> </td>     <td> <p> D </p> </td>     <td>  </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> machine guns </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> chirping </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Fire engine sound </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> whistle </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> The ambulance voice </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Telegram sound </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> patrol wagon </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Birds singing sound </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> cricket </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Machine gun voice </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> alarm song </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Hooter voice </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Electronic signal </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Bass sound </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> 0 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> bird call </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> The car after the sound </p> </td>    </tr>   </tbody>  </table>      <p> 5.Bill of Material </p>    <table>   <tbody>    <tr>     <td> <p> Name </p> </td>     <td> <p> Type/specifi cation </p> </td>     <td> <p> mark number </p> </td>     <td> <p> number </p> </td>     <td> <p> Name </p> </td>     <td> <p> Type/specificat ion </p> </td>     <td> <p> mark </p> <p> numb er </p> </td>     <td> <p> number </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> resistance </p> </td>     <td> <p> 62K </p> </td>     <td> <p> R4 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> switch </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1P-2T </p> </td>     <td> <p> S1--S </p> <p> 4 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 4 </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td>  </td>     <td> <p> 150K </p> </td>     <td> <p> R3 R6--R9 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 5 </p> </td>     <td> <p> integrated circuit </p> </td>     <td> <p> CD4011 </p> </td>     <td> <p> U1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td>  </td>     <td> <p> 270K </p> </td>     <td> <p> R1 R5 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 2 </p> </td>     <td>  </td>     <td> <p> CD4066 </p> </td>     <td> <p> U3 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td>  </td>     <td> <p> 620K </p> </td>     <td> <p> R2 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td>  </td>     <td> <p> 9561 </p> </td>     <td> <p> U2 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> diode </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1N4007 </p> </td>     <td> <p> D3 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Sockets for ICs </p> </td>     <td> <p> DIP14 </p> </td>     <td> <p> U1 </p> <p> U3 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 2 </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td>  </td>     <td> <p> 1N4148 </p> </td>     <td> <p> D1 D2 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 2 </p> </td>     <td> <p> extension socket </p> </td>     <td> <p> SIP5 </p> </td>     <td> <p> J1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> audion </p> </td>     <td> <p> S8050 </p> </td>     <td> <p> Q1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> PCB board </p> </td>     <td> <p> 49*42mm </p> </td>     <td> <p> F R - 4 </p> <p> two </p> <p> -sided </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>    </tr>    <tr>     <td> <p> buzzer </p> </td>     <td> <p> 5V  </p> </td>     <td> <p> LS1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> instruction book </p> </td>     <td> <p> A4 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>     <td> <p> 1 </p> </td>    </tr>   </tbody>  </table>      <p> 6.Control Chip </p>  <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB14wJwXzLuK1Rjy0Fhq6xpdFXad.jpg" /><img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB11awhXsfrK1Rjy1Xdq6yemFXa2.jpg" /><img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB17IUhXDjxK1Rjy0Fnq6yBaFXan.jpg" /> </p>  <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB16rjLSFXXXXbeaXXXq6xXFXXXz.jpg" /> </p>  <p> <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1lTEjXzDuK1Rjy1zjq6zraFXaf.jpg" /><img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1QcIkXsnrK1RjSspkq6yuvXXaX.jpg" /><img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1c_IlXELrK1Rjy0Fjq6zYXFXaF.jpg" /> </p>      <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1rtMnLpXXXXX6XVXXq6xXFXXX4/224361831/HTB1rtMnLpXXXXX6XVXXq6xXFXXX4.jpg?size=119940&amp;height=800&amp;width=800&amp;hash=62f88c55819ab86cc37ea78ebe0677ed" />    <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1jd.qSFXXXXbBXXXXq6xXFXXX3.jpg" />    <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1dqr0SFXXXXXPXVXXq6xXFXXXj.jpg" />    <img class="img-responsive" src="https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1CMTTSFXXXXbQXVXXq6xXFXXX9.jpg" />       



Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions15 × 12 × 10 mm



Logic ICs

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ 65 Celsius

Brand Name


Supply Voltage

4.5 – 5V



Model Number

BOX-16 Music Box Kits


Electronic Circut


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