Butterfly Shape White LED Light DIY Kit

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Butterfly Shape White LED Light DIY Kit

$22.90 $19.90

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This DIY Kit contains 118pcs super bright warm white LED (brightness 2000-3000mcd), 7pcs blue LEDs and 8pcs pink LEDs and array into a butterfly-shaped pattern and can presents a multi-state shining lantern pattern,even in the day,it still has the obvious effect. Besides, it has 13 music(tone music) which is very active and interesting,there is no doubt that this kit is a kind of fashionable and attractive electronic products.

This suite is easily to assemble, the program has already written in MCU, it can be worked when assembled.It will be a wonderful gift to express your love and friendly in Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and other festivals.It can also used as household lighting,it can changes shape and brightness automatically.( Maximum power maximum about 4W, the actual feeling is less than 3W LED energy-saving lamps, the lighting is warm, can be totally used as lighting, if you want more lightness, you can reduce the current limiting resistor, the power can reach more than 8W, on the contrary, If your character is too bright, you can increase the related limiting resistor by yourself.)

Assembly Notes:

  1. There are five short-circuit connector on PCB which have been marked J1/J2/J3/J4/J5.User can weld them by pins that cut from resistor or LED at first.
  2. Assembly steps: All components should be installed followed by the small to big, and try to follow the principle of circuit board, the short cable can be replaced with excess pins of resistance. Pay attention to cut excess pin slightly and don’t pull the pin. The false operation will cause the circuit board copper foil is broken easily, the result of the installation failure. It needs a stable power supply,the working current is above 800mA.
  3. Non-remote kit isn’t equipped with remote receiver and remote controller,and the corresponding elements are not installed.
  4. Make sure the power supply is above 3.7-5.5V 0.8A,pay attention to the direction of positive and negative.There have mark in “+” “-“ of all LED,electrolytic capacitor,remember do not put is reverse.

Component listing:

ResistanceR5,R9,R11,R1310 ohm4
ResistanceR1515 ohm1
ResistanceR3,R720 ohm2
ResistanceR17100 ohm1
ResistanceR16,R18,R19,R20,R21180 ohm5
ResistanceR1,R2,R4,R6,R8,R10,R12,R143.6K ohm8
ResistanceR2210K ohm1
Electrolytic capacitorC147uf4
Ceramic capacitorC20.1uf1
Electrolytic capacitorC310uf 50V1
Ceramic capacitorC4,C530pf2
IC socketU140P1
STC89C52RC DIP-401
White LEDL1-L59,L61-L1192.54mm118
Red LEDL121-L124,L126-L1292.54mm8
Blue LEDL120,L125,L131-L1342.54mm7
BuzzerSPK 1
Crystal OscillatorY012M1
3*AA battery box  1
PCB  1



Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 12 × 10 mm
Dissipation Power





Logic ICs

Model Number

Music Lighting DIY Kit

Brand Name


Supply Voltage

DC 3.7-5.5V 0.9A

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ 65




Electronic Circut


11 * 9.5cm


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