Mini TS80 Soldering Iron


Mini TS80 Portable Electric Soldering Iron Adjustable Temperature Digital Solder Station OLED Display USB Type C Power Jack

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  • TS-B02 Kit
  • TS-B02 Standaed Kit
  • TS-D25 Kit
TS80 Soldering Iron
Mini TS80 Soldering Iron

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TS80 Soldering Iron User Manual V1.1This mini digital TS80 soldering iron comes equipped with USB type C power jack carrying 9V/2A QC3.0 standard which can remain powered by the power bank or by using a smartphone charger directly.

This TS80 smart electric soldering iron kit is a portable, and easy-to-use electric soldering iron adopting the internal Internal Heating working mode with accurate temperature control and fast heating speed, reach the set the temperature only a few seconds.

It built-in SMT32 acceleration sensor chip enable you to update the firmware or parameter setting via computer. OLED screen to display the parameter and a wide temperature adjustable range (100-400 Celsius degree). Compact pen shape with CNC machined aluminum alloy shell and 3.5mm audio plug type soldering tip, easy to install and use.



  • Model:TS80
  • Input Voltage: DC 9V 2A
  • Power Supply Port: USB type-C
  • Temperature Adjustable Range:100-400 celsius degree
  • Temperature Stability Range:±3%
  • Display:OLED Screen
  • Soldering Iron Handle Size:95.5mm/3.76inch
  • Soldering Iron Tip Size:60mm+40mm/2.36″+1.57″
  • Solder Handle Weight: 36.5g


  1. Newest TS80 portable digital soldering iron with USB type-C power port supporting 9V/2A QC3.0 standard which can be powered by the power bank or smart phone quick power charger directly
  2. Pluggable 3.5mm audio jack soldering iron tip design, plug and play no mounting screws needed easy to use
  3. Embedded STM32 processor chip enable you to update the firmware or parameter setting via computer and large temperature adjustable range (100-400 celsius degree)
  4. Internal Heating design with accurate temperature control and fast heating speed,reach the set the temperature only few seconds
  5. Digital OLED screen display the parameter and Compact pen shape with CNC machined aluminum alloy shell easy to handle and carry

Note: The standard kit is equipped with TS-B02 tip and the Pro Kit is TS-D25 tip
Note: Comes with one mini soldering stand per order as free gift

Manual Link:

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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions17 × 6 × 6 mm
Temperature Stability

+/- 3%

Output Power




Input Voltagle

DC 9V 2A

Model Number

TS80 Digital Soldering Iron TS100 Upgraded

Brand Name


Output Temperature

100-400 celsius degree

Heating Mode

Internal Heating

Soldering Iron Tip

TS-B02(Standard Kit and More Kit), TS-D24(Pro Kit)

Solder Handle Material

Aluminum Alloy


OLED Screen

Controller Chip

Programmable STM32

Soldering Iron Handle Size


Soldering Iron Tip Size


Power Port

USB Type C Jack

6 reviews for Mini TS80 Soldering Iron

  1. Benjamin

    I am very happy with the soldering iron. Compact, fast to get hot. I use it with the white xiaomi 20.000mah powerbank and it works great.

  2. Vladimir

    Soldering iron is excellent, instant heating, soldering is a pleasure. Works with powerbank qc2.0, qc3.0, which dramatically increases its capabilities. Can be soldered in a clean field

  3. Duncan

    Those who ordered it know that they will not regret it, soldering iron fire, I long thought what better to take it or ts-100, eventually took ts-80, immediately updated the firmware.

  4. Elliot

    Everything is fine. Very compact. Delivery by mail is fast enough.

  5. Aviv

    Doubted the purchase because of the cost, but after receiving and checking everything got to its places-a thing)) small item, stable, all in one case fits, and with power bank, you can solder at least in the field. The firmware is delivered from ralim from the GitHub, it significantly increases the comfort of use, in an emergency with it even from the usual can go charger 5v thin-poor to 250-300.

  6. Mathew

    Looks very cool! I haven’t checked the case yet after I complete the review.

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