Multi-harmonic Oscillating Flashing Lights DIY Kit


Multi-harmonic Oscillating Flashing Lights DIY Kit Flash Circuit Practice Board Learning Electronic Diy Kit

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Multi-harmonic Oscillating Flashing Lights DIY Kit


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Operating Principle:

Once powered on, the two triodes will compete to connect.

Due to the difference of components, only one triode can be connected first.

If VT1 is connected first, then VT1 collector voltage will
decrease, LED1 will be on, the left port of capacitor C2 will close to zero voltage.

Because the two ports voltage of the capacitor cannot change suddenly, VT2 collector will close to zero voltage too, then VT2 will be cut off, and LED2 will be off.

With the C2 charging by power via resistor R3, the triode Q2 collector voltage will gradually increase.

When the voltage is higher than 0.6V, then VT2 will be entering into connection status and form cut-off state, collector voltage will decrease, LED2 will be on.
In the meantime, with the decreasing of triode VT2 collector voltage, the triode VT1 collector voltage will fall under the effect of capacitor C2.

VT1 will cut-off from the connection, LED1 will be off.

And so on, the two triodes will be connected and cut-off alternatively, the two LEDs will cycle flashing.

Changing the resistance of R2, R3 or the capacitance can turn the LED flashing speed

Notice: this kit offers 2pcs 2.54mm single pin as a power connection terminal.
Users can use dupont wire to connect power as picture shows.


Operating Voltage: DC 2-1SV
Operating temperature: -20~85°C

Installation Steps:

  1. Install resistors; please pay attention to the difference of four color ring and five color ring.
  2. install LEDs, please pay attention to positive and negative; after guaranteeing
    the right installation, then solder the other pin
  3. Install pin
  4. Install triodes, please take notice of corresponding plug-in units of every pin



Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions15 × 12 × 10 mm


Supply Voltage

DC 2-15V




Logic ICs

Operating Temperature

-20~85 Celsius

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