NE555+CD4017 Flash Lamp DIY Kit


This package is mainly composed of clock generation circuit and decimal counter circuit. The NE555 is the core of the self-excited multivibrator.

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NE555+CD4017 Flash Lamp DIY Kit


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Product Introduction:

The power supply is charged to capacitor C1 through R2, R3 and R4. When the C1 is started to charge, the NE555’s 2 feet are still Low level, so the output 3 feet are high, when the power by R2, R3, R4 to C1 charge to 2/3 power supply voltage, the output 3 feet level from high to low, NE555 internal discharge tube conduction , Capacitor C1 by R4, R3, NE555 7 feet discharge, until the voltage at both ends of C1 less than 1/3 of the power supply voltage, NE555 3 feet level from low to high level.

C1 again charge, So the cycle of the formation of oscillation. Charging time is:(RS + R3 + R4) C1, the discharge time is: 0.695 (R4 + R3) C1, adjust R4 can control the output frequency of the oscillator, NE555 clock oscillation signal is constantly added to the CD4017 14 feet, 10 of the 10 outputs of the CD4017 are connected to 10 LEDs.

When the 10 outputs of the CD4017 are rotated high by the clock signal, the D1 – D10 is illuminated in order to form a running lamp effect.

Adjust R4 to adjust the flow rate of LED lights.


  1. Name:NE555+CD4017 water flowing lamp suite
  2. Power Voltage:2.5-14.5V
  3. PCB Size:5.4*2.1cm
  4. PCB Thickness:1.6mm

Packing List:

  • PCB:1pc
  • 2P Pin:1pc
  • 1uF Capacitor:2pcs
  • 3mm LED Red:10pcs
  • 1K ohm Resistor:10pcs
  • 2.2K ohm Resistor:1pc
  • 10K ohm Resistor:1pc
  • 50K Potentiometer:1pc
  • NE555:lpc
  • CD4017:1pc

Circuit Picture:



Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions15 × 12 × 10 mm
Supply Voltage





Logic ICs

Model Number

Flash Lamp DIY

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Operating Temperature

-30~85 celsius


Flash Lamp DIY

PCB Size


PCB Thickness



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